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Prices may be changed at any time without further notice. We reserve the right to change our product's prices at any time without further notice due Saudi Riyals / Dollars rates fluctuation. However, if you have Booked but not yet paid for a Booking, we guarantee the price for  3 Days from when the Booking was placed. 


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Group Details


 Above Package includes:
1. Return Air tickets
2. Makkah and Madiha accommodation on mentioned or similar hotel.
3. Visa processing (Non – Refundable fees)
4. Full Transportation By Bus
5. Child without bed charge as PKR 70,000.
6. Infant charges are PKR 30,000.
7. Ziaraat of Holy Places

8. Complimentary Langar ( Breakfast , Lunch & Dinner).

9. Guidance on every step.
10. All Rates are subject to be changed with any prior notice in case of saudi riyal & Ticket rates fluctuation.

Umrah Visa Requirements:
1. Original passport with 8 months validity.
2. 4 light blue background pictures (4 x 6 cm).
3. Original CNIC for Adults & B-form for Child & Infant.
4. Nikkah Nama and other documents also require (if needed). 


About Eidgah Sharif Umrah Group


Holy Saints Of Astana e Alia Eidgah Sharif

Rawalpindi , Pakistan.


Founder His Holiness

Hazrat Khawaja Shaykh Mehboob Ur Rehman R.A


Under The Blessed Supervision

Hazrat Shaykh Peer Jamil Ur Rehman

Astana e Alia Eidgah Sharif Rawalpindi Pakistan.


Karwan e Mehboob Karim Provide

  • Quality Service
  • Affordable Package
  • Guidance according to sunnah at each step

Eidgah Sharif has initiated the Umrah Group services on The Name of Karwan e Mustafa  with the aim to provide step by step guidance to people in performing Umrah according to the sunnah of prophet Muhammad (SAW). In 2009 we started our on company of umrah services and Then Name of Group Changed into Karwan Mehboob Karim. Our Team started its Umrah service in 1998 with a group of 100 people. The second Umrah Group comprising of 300 above people performed Umrah in 1999 & every year numbers are increasing, Al Hamdulilah Now we are handling more then 3000 pilgrims every year.
The package includes ticket, visa, transportation, Complimentary Food (langar Shareef) & total services included stay at Makkah and Madina.  Training and guidance is provided at each step before and during the trip. Special training sessions before departure are arranged to explain the geography and the history of Makkah and Madina.  Travellers’ guide, healthcare guidance and manasik of umrah are explained keeping in view the spiritual aspects of the whole journey. Education sessions are arranged after Isha prayers in Haram-e-Makkah and a session of Seerah lectures in Madina.
The service also offers three complementary meals on arrival at Makkah, during journey to Madina and on departure day from Makkah. Besides, a fruit basket and breakfast assortments are also providedin room on arrival day at Makkah. Umrah bags containing basic accessories like tasbeeh, dua book, water bottle, prayer mat,shoe pouch, tawaf counter and a scarf for ladies are also presented to each member. 


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